DOU協力、タイガーモブの開催する、世界お仕事アドベンチャー( )が7月15日に最終回を迎えました。



On July 15, 2020, we finished an internship program named “SEKAI OSHIGOTO ADVENTURE” that Tiger Mov organized. Each member gave a PowerPoint presentation about a new original fashion business model this time. The boy who joined this event suggested a very eco-friendly idea that an apparel manufacturer made clothes out of garbage. He took advantage of what he had learned from the life style of the Edo period and set a goal of making organic fertilizer from garbage. This idea was also amazing! We finally completed all the event. This is a precious opportunity to understand the problem with the fashion industry and think of a solution. But every business model has no right answer. Therefore, we need to think before acting to realize a sustainable society. Let’s do what we can towards a bright future.


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