2 new interns

We have new faces from Japan!! 2 of new young staff coming from Japan as internship for supporting our exciting challenge. You guys may have quite exciting moment during the period. 新しくメンバーが加わりました!社会人インターンと学生インターンの2人、若い力でグングン会社の成長を助けて行って下さいね。

JKT 48 theater

It was our first time visiting JKT 48 theater in Indonesia, Jakarta and it was an amazing experience! (Japanese below) We could feel the passion so intimately and we would recommended everyone to check it out. It only costs JPN1000! […]

Tourism EXPO Japan

We attended the Tourism EXPO Japan last week in Tokyo, Japan. The tourism business is booming in Asia and there were a myriad of inbound and outbound exhibitors at the expo. (Japanese below) Tourism marketing has its own challenges and most of […]

Jakarta Japan Matsuri event

We recently attended the Jakarta Japan Matsuri; a Japanese festival held in Indonesia commemorating the 60th year of national diplomatic relations. (Japanese below) The event this year is held on a much larger scale than the previous years and we […]


We’re pleased to announce and introduce our new Shareholders and Directors. DOU Creationsが加速します!(Japanese below) To accelerate the development our upcoming service, we’re excited to welcome Mr. Katou; an Angel investor with strong start up company operation experience and Mr. Washizu; […]