Approach method


We will propose the most suitable method to achieve the client's goal by the "ARM + S" method developed based on the wide range of knowledge gained through business strategy and product planning in Japanese global companies. We will analyze the current situation, share VISION with clients, face challenges as a team, and draw the path to success together. We provide consistent support from business strategy support at the Global Headquarters to local marketing activity support in Southeast Asia.

Area of approach


Customers' issues and solutions change drastically in an era of rapid change, and it is necessary to be able to propose more solutions to customers from time to time. That is why we not only support the planning and execution of business and marketing strategies, but also support customer market research, product planning / development / production consultation, and many other project-based business strategy studies. In recent years, when the demand for online business is increasing, we are responding as necessary to launching and operating Web and Facebook pages, and building overseas sales channels on EC platforms.

Area of approach


We are proposing experience marketing (digitally spreading inspirational experiences).

1. How to impress and impress the target itself or people close to you

2. How to visualize it

3. How do you communicate on a digital platform?

We will propose these marketing strategies not just as advertising strategies, but in a form that contributes to business development expansion after understanding your company's corporate strategy. Hands-on support for digital and paper media advertising and influencer campaigns as a team member of your company. A wide range of efficient marketing operations can be realized.

Area of approach

Support for overseas expansion of Japanese content

Japan based on the experience and network cultivated through sales collaboration in Asia with many characters such as Godzilla, Ultraman, Doraemon, animation content related events throughout Asia, Japanese culture related events, concerts of Japanese musicians, etc. We are actively supporting a wide range of overseas expansion of content. In addition to opening stores at event booths, we also host our own events. In early 2020, we hosted the first review concert of the Japanese Opera Company in Singapore, and the tickets were sold out.