Developing strategies from analysis focused on megatrends and market positioning of the company

The greatest strength of DOU Creations is the skill of proposing various business strategies based on market analysis methods used by top global companies. In addition, we have the planning and operational development skills to bring these strategies to a feasible level.

Based on the wide range of knowledge we have gained through development, business and product strategies, as well as sales and marketing experiences in global Japanese companies, we will analyze the causes of the problems our clients have been facing, for example, whether the products and services fit the market or not, or whether the advertising method is suitable. Furthermore, we will provide total support from formulation to execution and accompany our clients to accelerate their growth.




Dai Kichiji was assigned to Singapore at the age of 39, woke up to the fun of working in Asia, and started his own company in Singapore at the age of 44 at the end of 2017. From 1996 to end 2017, he oversaw the business strategy and product planning for medical cameras (endoscopes) and digital cameras, which are the core businesses of Olympus and Canon. Utilizing the various knowledge he has cultivated in global companies, he supports companies aiming to expand their business in the Asian region and develop products that can be expanded globally.

If you are a consumer-related business owner who is considering expanding into Southeast Asia, or a content holder considering monetizing Japanese animation, games, or magazines in Asia, please feel free to contact us.

Providing advice from a local perspective

Since Dou Creations is based in Singapore, there are two main reasons why we can support Japanese companies aiming to expand overseas.

Firstly, we can provide information regarding the local market size, competition, and consumer market.

Secondly, we can support the construction of sales channels and networks with local companies.

Through regular online meetings, we provide fresh information about local markets and networks, enabling high quality hands-on consulting.