Our Approach

We propose the most suitable method to achieve our client’s goal by using the “ARM + S” method. This method has been developed based on the wide range of knowledge we have gained through business strategy and product planning in global Japanese companies. We analyze the current market and industry situation, share a vision with clients, face challenges together as a team, and lead them to business success. We provide consistent support from business strategy support for clients’ Global Headquarters to their local marketing activity support in Southeast Asia.

  • Analysis: Analysis and understanding of client’s business strategy
  • Research: Research and capture of target market and customers
  • Marketing: Aligning communication and marketing strategy with “Analysis” and “Research”
  • Synchronization: Continuous cycle of improvement using A-R-M together


In addition to the above, our mission is not just limited to the advancement of companies, but we also actively support the overseas expansion of Japanese content. For instance, we have supported the development of Japanese culture through the operation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ overseas Japanese Film Festival (15,000 people mobilized for 10 days) and the Shueisha Shonen Jump booth at the Singapore Anime Festival.

Our Clients’ Concerns

I want to make a DX (digital transformation) connection with customers, but I don’t know how to do it.


We would like to strengthen our internal system for new listing. I want to raise my product planning ability and marketing planning ability to the level of a global company.

I have a clear idea of the domestic market, so I am considering expanding overseas, but I do not know how to choose a country to expand into.

We have been expanding our business in several Asian countries so far, but we have not achieved any results, and we are worried whether the information from the local area is correct. I’m looking for a breakthrough.

I would like to create a clue from selling EC of my own brand overseas instead of cross-border EC, but I do not know how to do it.

Although it is a small business, I would like to try Japanese anime characters and movie tie-ups for overseas sales promotion.

Our Works


I am working as a research and consultation in the formulation of Southeast Asian business strategies for Japanese companies on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as an advisor for the formulation of Southeast Asian business strategies for major domestic publishers, and as an advisor for fast-growing emerging business companies throughout Asia as a territory.

【Japanese content】

Behind the scenes of manga production by Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump overseas version app MANGA Plus announcement booth and Jump + Editor-in-Chief & Deputy Editor-in-Chief at the Japanese pop culture festival C3AFA, which attracted more than 120,000 customers, the highest ever in Singapore We planned and operated a talk show about.

【Japanese content】

Local management and production of the Japanese film screening event “Japan Film Week 2018” sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and the Japan Foundation in Jakarta, which screened 36 Japanese films including new masterpieces for 10 days and mobilized 15,000 people. In charge of.