Our mission is to create a society where everybody in the world can easily use quality Japanese products and services. To achieve this mission, we support Japanese companies to take on challenges overseas and accelerate their growth.

DOU Creations Pte Ltd is a hands-on consulting firm that aims to break national borders through the use of marketing.

Based on our experience gained from working with top-tier global companies, we support Japanese companies in all aspects of business strategy formulation and implemention overseas. We take responsibility for proposing what companies need to steer their operations and ensure their continued survival in times of drastic change.

What we offer?

We provide business and marketing strategies that help Japanese companies achieve solid results overseas. We take full responsibility from planning to implementation.

Strategy Development

We offer the best approaches based on the business envionment.

Product Planning

Support for improving product development quality by bringing about a product lineup that leverages our strength.

Overseas Market Research

We provide support by conducting market research using practical surveys for problem identification and solution planning.

E-commerce and
Local Store Operations

We provide assistance in creating a representation of your own overseas-brand, be it a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce platform.

Our Perspective

We understand that there are many difficulties when expanding overseas such as-

  • Differences in lifestyle, culture and religion
  • Different ways of communication with local staff
  • Differences in market environment due to the presence of competition and existing local products
  • Differences in preconceived notions of gender and behavior 
  • Differences in decision-making speed that occur when partnbering with local companies 
  • Rapid market changes in emerging markets

As such we will analyze the borders surrounding these companies from both local and Japanese perspectives.

Then, we will determine the areas that should be localized and the areas where the traditions and brand should be preserved, and put them into action to drive the optimal solution.

Our Solutions

Clarification of goals and tasks

  • Consultation to understand the market gap for overseas expansion
  • Conduct test marketing and market research on-site
  • Facilitation to improve the resolution of choosing to expand overseas and knowing what to look for overseas.

Planning of approaches to attain goals

  • Combining market solution analysis with local information to develop a suitable “Business Strategy”
  • Develop marketing and sales strategies in accordance with the phases of the business strategy

Providing a differentiated approach

  • Provide branding strategies to companies without brand recognition
  • Show concrete solutions for Japanese companies which aim to become global brands
  • A consulting team capable of supporting the entire process of consumer electronics development
  • Support from opening physical stores to digital marketing in Southeast Asia
  • Helping small businesses to collaborate with popular Japanese anime

Consultation Cases

Consulting Support

Business development in several Asian countries so far has not been as expected. Not sure if the information from the local market is correct.


Want to start selling own brand in e-commerce overseas, not in cross-border e-commerce. But have no idea where to start.


Want to do tie-ups with Japanese anime characters and movie promotions locally for sales promotions

Organization Management

Need to strengthen internal structure to prepare for IPO. Want to improve product plannning and marketing capabilities to the level of a global company

Support for overseas expansion of Japanese content・intellectual property

Our mission is not only to support Japanese companies, but also to actively support the overseas expansion of Japanese content.

Our past work includes supporting the development of Japanese culture through the operation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Japanese Film Festival overseas and the Shueisha Shonen JAPAN booth at the Anime Festival in Singapore.

Works for supporting expansion of Japanese contents

Support Japanese contents to expand overseas

We hosted the OSK Japanese Opera Company's first review show in Singapore at Esplanade

Tie-in promotion between restaurant chain and movie

Realized a collaboration between Doraemon movie and "Monster Curry", a curry restaurant in Singapore.

Support Japanese contents to expand overseas

Planning and operation of Shonen Jump promo booth

Tie-in promotion between restaurant chain and movie

Collaboration between "DEMON SLAYER" movie and "Aburien", Japanese famous restaurant chain in Singapore

About Us

Company name:   DOU Creations Pte. Ltd.

Location:   Twenty Anson #11-01, 20 Anson Rd, 079912

CEO:  Dai Kichiji

Business:  Support for Japanese companies expanding overseas / Support for overseas development of Japanese content