In addition to supporting the formulation of marketing strategies, we also provide hands-on support as a team member of your company for launching and operating Web and Facebook pages, and implementing digital and paper media advertisements. Achieve efficient marketing operations with a small number of local employees. He is a research and consultation in Southeast Asia business strategy formulation for Japanese companies on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, an advisor for Southeast Asia business strategy formulation for major domestic publishers, and an advisor for rapidly growing emerging business companies throughout Asia.

【Arrangement of logistics trading companies, support for brand building】

We provide consistent support from market research to launching EC sites, arranging logistics trading companies, and marketing activities for brand building. We actually supported the arrangement and brand building of a logistics trading company when expanding overseas cosmetic brands from Japan.

【From market research to advertising】

With the aim of expanding into Singapore, we provided support from market research of Japanese companies that have stores overseas to advertising implementation using advertising agencies.

【Support from coaching to SNS operation】

Regular online coaching for young employees at fast-growing companies in Asia. Advice on future design of employees and breakthroughs for current work. In addition, we propose SNS operation tailored to the local area (Singapore), making use of the experience of working in Southeast Asia.

【From SNS operation to local operation】

We supported the advertising planning, SNS operation, and local operation of overseas teams of Japanese companies aiming to expand overseas.

【Strategy Advisor】

Strategy advisor for Japanese start-up companies that are achieving rapid growth throughout Asia.

【Product Planning Strategy Advisor】

Product planning strategy advisor that hands-on support for strengthening the system for listing Mothers of a start-up company aiming to become the world’s top brand

【Business Strategy Advisor】

Southeast Asia Business Strategy Advisor of a major publishing company whose main business is domestic business.

【Research in business strategy formulation】

We conducted research and consulting on the formulation of Southeast Asian business strategies for companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, whose main business is domestic business.

Japanese Contents

Overseas of Japanese content based on the experience and network cultivated through sponsorship activities such as sales promotion collaboration in Asia with many characters such as Ultraman and Godzilla, animation content related events throughout Asia, Japanese culture related events, concerts of Japanese musicians, etc. We are actively supporting the advancement. Behind the scenes of manga production by Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump overseas version app MANGA Plus announcement booth and Jump + Editor-in-Chief & Deputy Editor-in-Chief at the Japanese pop culture festival C3AFA, which attracted more than 120,000 customers, the highest ever in Singapore We planned and operated a talk show about.


【Local operation and production of “Japan Movie Week 2018】
Local management and production of the Japanese film screening event “Japan Film Week 2018” sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and the Japan Foundation in Jakarta, which screened 36 Japanese films including new masterpieces over 10 days and mobilized 15,000 people. In charge of. Many production staff including director Daikon of SUNNY, and cast members such as actors Dean Fujioka and Shizuka Ishibashi also took the stage from Japan and interacted with local fans.

【Organized “a Review show by OSK Nippon Revue Company” at Esplanade theater】
We hosted a review show by OSK Nippon Revue Company, which was the first performance in Singapore, at the National Theater Esplanade. Thanks to all of fans, the event was a great success with the tickets sold out. Jan 2020.

【Restaurant collaboration campaign with Godzilla】

Operate and produce a restaurant collaboration campaign linked to the release of the latest movie “GODZILLA: KING of the Monsters” of Japan’s most famous movie content “Godzilla” with Monster Curry, one of the fastest growing brands in Singapore. Thank you. (Singapore)

【Weekly Shonen Jump event management】
Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump Overseas Edition App MANGA Plus Announcement Booth Management and Jump + Editor-in-Chief & Deputy Editor-in-Chief at C3AFA, a Japanese pop culture festival that attracted more than 120,000 customers, a record high held in Singapore We planned and managed a talk show about the back side of manga production. Great success every day. Despite the system that allows you to enter by downloading the app, the line will be interrupted from the opening to the end due to the ingenuity of the management team such as system explanation to those waiting for admission and handouts to attract customers during vacant hours No, the number of visitors was about 5,000. ONE PIECE / My Hero Academia / SPY × FAMILY / Haikyu !! / Black Clover / Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba / The Promised Neverland / Hell ’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

【Restaurant collaboration campaign with Doraemon】
He manages and produces a restaurant collaboration campaign linked to the release of the latest movie “Doraemon: Nobita’s Moon Exploration” of the Japanese character “Doraemon”, which is loved all over the world. He is one of the fastest growing brands in Singapore. Implementation with one monster curry (Singapore)

【Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba collaboration!】A project that takes almost a year. In Singapore, we have realized a collaboration project between Mext Meats, which is developing on the world stage with Japanese yakiniku texture as a feature in the rapidly growing plant based meat market, and Demon Slayer/ Kimetsu no Yaiba, which is the biggest hit movie in 2020!!
We were in charge of this planning and operation. Instant curry is sold exclusively at Don Don Donki in Singapore. A special key chain will be presented to the purchaser.